If it seems hard to find good people these days, looking at the interview questions that you ask could completely change that for you.

Big Decisions with Limited Information
Choosing somebody to fill an employment position is a big decision. Regardless of level you are hiring for, there can be some bad consequences when hiring the wrong person:

  • The employee does not stay for a long time (voluntarily or involuntarily) leading to employee turnover
  • Lost time and expenses spent training the wrong person
  • Opportunity cost from not gaining what could have been achieved with the right person in the role
  • A poor level of work done impacting the quality of products and services that are delivered to customers

You want to be able make hiring decisions that minimize the potential for any of those happening. The problem is that you have a limited amount of information to base your decisions on and this is why your interview questions are so important.

You have the candidates resume and now you can do a lot research on social media. From there, it is all the information you gather during the interview that you have to analyze when making your decision.

Bad Interview Questions Lead to Bad Decisions
The impression that the candidate will make during an interview will be based on how they dress, how they act, and how they respond to your questions. Their answers to questions asked actually has or should have the largest weight in that mix.

And if you do not ask good questions, you will greatly decrease the amount of information that you have to work with when making you decision. With less information, you greatly decrease our ability to select the right or best candidate.

Building Good Interview Questions
The questions you ask are the key to getting the right people. A candidate could have great answers to your questions. But if your questions do not do a good job at getting to the root of who the candidate is, how they think, how they have acted in the past, then the candidate’s response, whether good or bad, will not tell you a whole lot.

But how do we know how to build the right list of questions?

Many people go about getting their questions together with two different methods. They either completely “wing it” and just try to have a conversation with the candidate or they try to take very standard questions from a “How to interview” book or website.

To truly improve your ability to find the right and best candidate, you should have a custom list of questions for each position that you interview for. One way to build a custom list of questions is to first list out all of the qualities, characteristics, and attributes that the ideal candidate would have for the position. Once you have this list, for each item on the list, you should have between 1 to 3 questions to determine how the candidate matches up in terms of having or not having the quality, characteristic, or attribute.


InterviewScripter will help you to build out a custom list of interview questions.