<< The Impact of Not Asking Good Interview Questions (Part I) <<


3. Often lean more toward the most recent interview.
Finding good people can be fun and exciting. And when you talk to someone and the interview goes well, that can give you an emotional feeling of excitement and happiness.

The challenge with that is that you do not interview everybody at the exact same moment so there will always be applicants that you interviewed more recently than others and you can sometimes be more favorable to the most recently interviewed applicants.

Good interview questions help to decrease this from happening because the provide you with more data to make your decision on.

4. Sometimes you go with your gut.
When you add up all of the impacts we just discussed, you can end up in situations where you pick the person to hire based on your gut feeling. This is not optimum for a couple of reasons.

First, many people are simply good interviewers. Just because someone handled the interview well, this does not mean that they would handle the job in the same way.

Another reason this is not good is tied to the point #3 of leaning toward the most recently interviewed applicant. When you go with your gut, you often lean toward the most recent person that you interviewed, and this does not necessarily make them the right person for you to hire.

When you hire someone on a gut feeling ahead of a decision based on data, this is where you end up with someone not fitting as well as you thought they would. Or they do not end up staying as long.

Good interview questions provide you with more data and this allows you to make a more educated decision versus going with an decision based more on feelings and instincts.