We all can improvise our way through an interview and do just fine without asking any real good interview questions. What I mean by that is that, we can have a very good conversation with an applicant and gather some good info and do this without a lot of asking a lot of questions that are real good at probing.

In this scenario, we make a decent impression on the applicant and gather some amount of information. So what is the big deal? Why is it so important to ask good interview questions?

Improve Your Final Selection Decision
The issue here does not show up right after the interview as you will have a good idea how you feel about the applicant. The problem arises after you have interviewed a number of people and it is time to make the final selection on who you are going to hire.

1. Can’t identify which applicant is the best of the best.
If you interview a lot of different applicants, you are likely to end up with a few that you think are good. This is a good situation but the challenge is how to pick the best one out of the short list. You may like them all, or you make think that they are all equally qualified.

The reality is that they are not equally qualified as every person is very different and there really needs to be one that is best. The reason why you can’t identify that is that you have an incomplete set of data to base your decision on.

Since you did not ask good interview questions, you do not have as much information as you could have with more probing and well-designed questions. There could be a situation where that extra bit of information gives you exactly what you need to pick the best person and right person from the short list.

2. Have different data for each applicant.
Another thing that can happen when you don’t have good interview questions is that you ask very different questions with each applicant. This can lead you to having very different data for each person that you interview.

Not only might you have different information, but you also may have more information on some versus others. This can greatly impact who you end up picking as you might end up picking the applicant that you have the most data on. Or the one where you got a certain type of data.

This is not good as you might end up picking an applicant over someone else because of the data that you have and not because they are the best fit.

If you ask good interview questions, you may end up with the same data across all of the applicants that you interview and this can help you to make the best decision as to which applicant fits best.


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