<< The 10 Most Asked Interview Questions (Part I) <<

5. Why do you want this job?
The interviewer may ask this question to try determine how much you want the job. Do you just need a job and this one will do or is there something particular about this job that you like?

Even if you really just need a paycheck and any job will do, try to express why this job is one that you want over any others that you are considering. Tell the interviewer what you like about it and explain why it is a great fit for you.

6. Why should we hire you?
There may also be most asked interview questions that determine why they should pick you over the other people that they are considering. This is your opportunity to really sell yourself.

Explain why you fit perfectly with the position. Help the interviewer to understand how you are better than the other people that they are interviewing. Paint a picture for what their company will look like with you working for them for the long-term.

7. What are some of your hobbies or personal interests?
This question can often get asked because the interviewer may want to have an understanding of what you do when you are not working. This will provide them with a better picture of who you are.

Do all you do is work and not much else? Or do you work hard and then your only activity is going out partying?

Whatever the case is in your life, it would be nice to have some sort of personal interests, activities, or hobbies that you have outside of work that show you as being well-rounded, driven, grounded, etc.

8. Why are you leaving your current employer?
There are most asked interview questions that try to predict how you will pan out if they hire you. This is one of those questions.

We often use the past to predict the future, and one key data point with your past will be why you are looking to leave your current employer or why you left your last if you are not currently employed.

Are you looking to leave because of some conflict or issue or are you looking to grow and go to the next level?

Try to have a positive answer to this question. If you are negative and complain, why would the interviewer not think that you may be like this at some point in the position that they hire you for?

9. What do you know about us?
There are two reasons why the interviewer will ask this question. First, they want to see how prepared you are and if you did any homework before the interview.

If you go into the interview without knowing anything about the company that you are interviewing for, that shows a real lack of preparation and thoroughness. Yes, maybe you are interviewing with a lot of companies, but it only takes 5 minutes to go to their website and look at what products or services they sell.

The second reason that this might be one of the most asked interview questions is that they want to see how much you want the job. Someone who knows what the company does and has done some amount of research may want the job more than others that they interview.

10. What questions do you have for me?
This question also serves two purposes for the interviewer. First, this of course gives you an opportunity to get your questions answered.

But one of the bigger things that this question does is that it gives the interviewer a great idea of how you think. If you do not have any questions, this can have any or all of these negative reasons:

  • You are not real interested
  • You are not a real thorough person when making decisions
  • You are not a real curious individual
  • You are not prepared
  • You do not know how to think on the fly
  • You are shy or don’t have strong communication skills

Don’t give off any of this negative impressions at the end of your interview. This is one of the most asked interview questions that you can guarantee so have some questions ready to ask.