. Here are the 10 most asked interview questions. In order to be fully prepared for an interview, try to think about how you will respond to these at a minimum.

1. Tell me about yourself.
You cannot go wrong by expecting this to be one of the first questions asked in an interview. Even though this is not a real original question, it is fairly good at seeing how you think on your feet, how you organize your thoughts, and how you communicate.

The reason that it is good is that it is not a very direct question with asking about something specific looking for a specific response. It is up to you what to discuss and answer with.

If you are prepared for the most asked interview questions and have a response for this one, you could go through a very organized story that does what they asked for – tells them about you. You can go back as far as you want, talk about whatever areas of your life that you want, and go as deep in terms of detail that you want.

But as you do all that, you want to be as clear and concise as possible and properly manage the time that you have to work with. This is why preparing for this question ahead of time is so important.

One option is to have nice little story that explains who you are, where you come from, why you are where you are at this point in your life, and what direction you are going.

2. Tell me about your past performance.
This is one of the most asked interview questions that is actually not asked in that exact way as the wording will vary according to the job that you are interviewing for. But a good interview will try to ask you about your past to see how you performed as they try to predict how you would perform in the future if they hired you.

This can be a tough one to prepare for because you might have a lot of history to scan and might have both wins and failures in your story. Take time to put down on paper your wins and losses at each position. Get as quantifiable and granular as you can.

Have this in front of you when you are interviewing so that you can have a quick and precise answer. You might want to also think about how you can put the best spin on all of the events as possible in order to shine the best light on you as possible.

3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?
You can also expect this to be one of the most asked interview questions. The strengths part should be easy for you, just try to think of your best qualities and share them. Only thing to keep in mind is to put the best spin on your strengths or to think of strengths that would fit well with the role that you are interviewing for.

The weaknesses can be a little trickier. You don’t want to say anything that will eliminate you from being a qualified applicant. If possible, share a weakness that can also be seen as a strength – workaholic, perfectionist, take things too seriously sometimes, etc.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
An interviewer will want to see how driven and ambitious you are. They will also like to see how much thought you put into things and how you might plan out what you do. This question will help them to have an idea of how you match up in those areas.

An ideal answer will have clear direction that has been thought out. We all know that people never know what happens in a five year span,but having clear thoughts as to what you want will make a good impression.

If you can align those with the position that you are interviewing for, that is a good bonus. Expressing a desire to go in the path that the job you are interviewing for would provide and then expressing to the desire to go one step beyond or above the position will communicate a fit with a nice touch of ambitiousness.


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