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The 10 Most Asked Interview Questions (Part II)

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5. Why do you want this job?
The interviewer may ask this question to try determine how much you want the job. Do you just need a job and this one will do or is there something particular about this job that you like?

Even if you […]

The 10 Most Asked Interview Questions (Part I)

. Here are the 10 most asked interview questions. In order to be fully prepared for an interview, try to think about how you will respond to these at a minimum.

1. Tell me about yourself.
You cannot go wrong by expecting this to be one of the first questions asked in an interview. Even though this […]

8 Frequently asked Interview Questions

Here are eight frequently asked interview questions that you are sure to face in any interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.
This question is used to get the applicant talking about their life in general. It is a good question in that it is very broad and can usually uncover a lot of different pieces and types […]

Best Interview Questions to Ask

If you want to improve your ability to screen applicants to get to the best person that you should hire, you need to know the best interview questions to ask.

To outline these in a very structured way that is easy for you to implement, we will break these down according to some of the […]

Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Having interview questions to ask candidates prepared in advance can greatly improve your ability to effectively screen prospects to get to the best available candidate.

General Personality Questions
There are some very common questions that you can ask regardless of position to try to get to know someone:

Tell me about yourself.
Where are you originally from?
What do […]

How to Prepare for Interview Questions

One way to improve your ability to interview well is to prepare ahead of time for common interview questions. Here are three steps to take to be prepared and ready when it is game time.

1. Stop to think about what questions you are likely to face
You never really know what questions are going to […]

How to Build a List of Good Interview Questions

Having a list of good interview questions can greatly improve your ability to select the best candidate when interviewing a pool of candidates. Here are some steps that can help you build out that list.

1. Break down your questions into categories
An interview is kind of like a sales meeting in that you have a […]

Use Interview Questions to Find the Best Candidates

If it seems hard to find good people these days, looking at the interview questions that you ask could completely change that for you.

Big Decisions with Limited Information
Choosing somebody to fill an employment position is a big decision. Regardless of level you are hiring for, there can be some bad consequences when hiring the […]

A Powerful Interview Question

There are many good questions to ask during an interview but one very powerful interview question is “Why are you looking to make a change?”

Easily Overlooked
This question is worth discussing here because it is one that we often skip. We will ask questions that help us to determine how the candidate matches up from […]

How to Prepare for Interview Questions

It is important to do everything you can to prepare for interview questions when looking for a job. This simple step will greatly improve your ability to perform well and give off the best possible impression during the interview.

Identify Questions that are Likely to be Asked
The first step in getting prepared is to identify […]