Figuring out how to write interview questions can greatly improve your ability to select the best candidate for a position. This is because after you interview a group of candidates, you will end up with a certain amount of information to base your hiring decision on.

If you ask good questions, you will have more information. The more information you have, the better decision you will be able to make and this will lead you to improving the odds of selecting the right and best available candidate.

The Importance of Good Interview Questions
When you interview someone, you have the applicants resume, you have the impression they make visually with their appearance and demeanor, and you have the answers they give you to the questions you ask.

When you add that up, there are really only three main pieces of information that you have to use when making a hiring decision:

  • Applicants resume and background
  • The impression they make with their appearance and demeanor
  • The applicants answers to the interview questions

You would think that the applicant is the only person to impact these three pieces of data that you have to assess and it is their job to give you the information you need. But that is not correct and you play a big role here and have a huge impact on the third.

Yes, they will be the person to compose the answers to your questions but if you do not ask good questions, you lose a big percentage of the information that you could have and this can greatly impact your ability to make the best decision.

Types of Interview Questions
The first step in how to write interview questions is to structure your questions into categories. This will not only help you to be more organized regarding what to ask, but it will also help you to manage and control the actual interview.

The categories that you can build questions under may vary from job to job but here are some examples:

  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Educational background
  • Personality traits
  • Personal interests
  • Career interests and goals

Identify Attributes
One step that is often skipped with how to write interview questions is thinking about what attributes you prefer in an ideal candidate. These are essentially the qualities that you desire in an individual. Here are some examples:

  • Job stability
  • Web-programming skills
  • Bachelors degree at a minimum
  • Able to work independently

Once you list out the attributes that you want in a candidate for a job, you could then organize those into categories of questions that you want to ask. Or to do that another way, once you have the categories of questions, for each category, think about the desired attributes for the ideal candidate.

Building the Best Interview Questions
It may seem difficult with how to write interview questions, but once you have your list of attributes desired, it is actually fairly easy as you can develop two or three questions for each attribute.

For example, if you have an attribute of “able to work independently”, we could then assign the three questions below to identify how the candidate matches up:

  • Have you ever had a job where you had to work and perform your work independently?
  • Would you prefer a position where you work independently or one where you work closely with other team members if you had a choice?
  • What would be good and bad for you in a position where you work independently?


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