It is critical to have good interview questions when interviewing candidates in order to filter improve your ability to select the right person. But what are good questions to ask? We will begin to break that down here.

The Goal of a Good Interview Question
If you stop think about what the goal of the interview is, it is to determine if the candidate is the best fit for the position. And if you break down what would determine when someone is the best fit, it is a combination of their characteristics, qualities, and skills that.

We can simplify that to say that it is a list of attributes that someone either has or does not have that determines how well they fit or don’t fit. Then, at the most basic level, all of the interview questions that you ask during an interview should be tied to attributes that you are trying to determine that they have, or don’t have.

Some Attribute Examples
When you start to scan for attributes with your interview questions, you can first start with some categories of attributes. These can be work experience, skills, personality traits, financial details, etc.

Inside of those categories can be attributes like:

  • Organized
  • Hard working
  • Self-starter
  • Works independently
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Job stability
  • Consistent performance history
  • Works well with others
  • Experience managing a team
  • Technical certification
  • Able to start immediately

Those are just a few examples of attributes. They look similar to what you see in a job requirements list. But the reality is when someone builds a list of job requirements, whether they realize it or not, they are building a list to outline the attributes of the ideal candidate.

If you keep your thinking and awareness at the attribute level, you will actually improve your ability to write a better list of job requirements.

Interview Questions that are not Optimum
When you start to think along these lines, you will begin to realize that there are some good interview questions that are very commonly asked that are decent but not extremely powerful.

For example of this is “What is your greatest weakness?” This question is good but is not optimum as does not directly tie to an attribute.

Are you wanting to screen out people that don’t work well independently? If so, develop an interview question that directly gets at how they operate when working independently.

Developing the Right Interview Question
Once you have your list of target attributes, for each attribute you should have a few questions. Then when you ask all of your candidates these same questions, you will then have a good idea of which candidate fits best with the position.

For example, for the attribute of “able to work independently”, you could develop some questions that hone in on how the candidate lines and here are some examples:

  • Has there ever been a time where you had a job that you had to work independently?
  • What were some things that you liked about that? What was challenging?
  • Do you prefer to work independently or in more of a team environment?

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