InterviewScripter is a web-based application that allows you build a custom list of interview questions for the position that you are looking to fill in minutes. Here is how it works:


Step 1 – Identify the Key Attributes

Not only does InterviewScripter provide you with interview questions, it provides you with the optimum questions that you should ask. The way it does this is by taking you through a process where you have to identify the attributes of the person that would fit best in your open position.

Attributes are the characteristics that you are either looking for or that would position someone for success in the role. We break attributes down into categories like experience, skills, personality, etc.

We take you through each category and present you with a list of attributes that you can chose from. Who knows, this process may help you to think about qualities that you want but never really stopped to think about it.

The process is quick, simply drag and drop the attributes that you want of the ideal candidate.


Step 2 – Build Your Interview Question List

Once you have your attributes identified, it is then time to build your list of interview questions. InterviewScripter has a library of interview questions and they are all tagged to the different attributes that they can help probe for.

This makes it extremely easy and quick for you to build the perfect list of questions and you will only be presented with the interview questions that are tied to the selected attributes. Simply drag and drop the ones that you want to your interview question list.


Step 3 – Download and Interview at a Higher Level

That is pretty much it. From there, you can download your list of interview questions and use them in whatever way you would like during your interviewing. We recommend having the questions printed out and being familiar with them prior to your interviews, but also having them in front of you during your interview as well so that you do not miss a beat.

By having these interview questions, not only will you be able to operate better during the interview, but you will be able to extract the key information you need after the interview. This will allow you to improve your decision making when determining which person to hire and this can help you to transform your organization and business in the long-term.