10 Interviewing Tips (For Interviewer) – Part II

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6. Try to get a picture of the past
You can’t use the past to predict the future, but you can use it to get an idea of what the future might possibly look like. And given that every hiring decision is an important one to get right, try […]

The Impact of Not Asking Good Interview Questions (Part II)

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3. Often lean more toward the most recent interview.
Finding good people can be fun and exciting. And when you talk to someone and the interview goes well, that can give you an emotional feeling of excitement and happiness.

The challenge with that is that you […]

Best Interview Questions to Ask

If you want to improve your ability to screen applicants to get to the best person that you should hire, you need to know the best interview questions to ask.

To outline these in a very structured way that is easy for you to implement, we will break these down according to some of the […]

How to Build a List of Good Interview Questions

Having a list of good interview questions can greatly improve your ability to select the best candidate when interviewing a pool of candidates. Here are some steps that can help you build out that list.

1. Break down your questions into categories
An interview is kind of like a sales meeting in that you have a […]

A Powerful Interview Question

There are many good questions to ask during an interview but one very powerful interview question is “Why are you looking to make a change?”

Easily Overlooked
This question is worth discussing here because it is one that we often skip. We will ask questions that help us to determine how the candidate matches up from […]

Characteristics of Good Interview Questions

Having good interview questions prepared in advance will greatly improve your ability to screen candidates to identify the best available option.

1. Open-ended questions
The most basic tip and one that is almost a given but worth repeating is to make your interview questions as open as possible. Meaning avoid questions that can be answered with […]