Interview Process

The Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

It is very helpful to know some of the most frequently asked interview questions when getting ready for an interview. Here is a quick list of questions that you might want to be prepared for.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
This is probably one of the most frequently asked interview questions that you […]

10 Interviewing Tips (For Interviewer) – Part I

Here are 10 interviewing tips for someone in the interviewer role.

1. Make a list of desired attributes (skills, characteristics, and qualities)
Whether you prepare your interview questions ahead of time or not, you should at least prepare a list of attributes (skills, characteristics, and qualities) that you think the person should have in order to […]

Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Having interview questions to ask candidates prepared in advance can greatly improve your ability to effectively screen prospects to get to the best available candidate.

General Personality Questions
There are some very common questions that you can ask regardless of position to try to get to know someone:

Tell me about yourself.
Where are you originally from?
What do […]

Use Interview Questions to Find the Best Candidates

If it seems hard to find good people these days, looking at the interview questions that you ask could completely change that for you.

Big Decisions with Limited Information
Choosing somebody to fill an employment position is a big decision. Regardless of level you are hiring for, there can be some bad consequences when hiring the […]

A Powerful Interview Question

There are many good questions to ask during an interview but one very powerful interview question is “Why are you looking to make a change?”

Easily Overlooked
This question is worth discussing here because it is one that we often skip. We will ask questions that help us to determine how the candidate matches up from […]

Characteristics of Good Interview Questions

Having good interview questions prepared in advance will greatly improve your ability to screen candidates to identify the best available option.

1. Open-ended questions
The most basic tip and one that is almost a given but worth repeating is to make your interview questions as open as possible. Meaning avoid questions that can be answered with […]

The Importance of Asking Good Interview Questions (Interviewer)

It can be tough to find good employees and one factor attributing to this is not asking good interview questions. This blog post will break down why.

Going with Our Gut
When we hire someone, we typically make that decision primarily on our gut feeling about the individual. This statement does not mean that we do […]