InterviewScripter was created by Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED. Halper first began to pull ideas together for InterviewScripter while he spent a lot of time interviewing for a telemarketing operation that he managed.

While in that role, Halper realized that properly interviewing and staffing his team of cold calling agents and minimizing turnover was critical to his success. Not only was there a large investment of upfront time with each hire, but the longer they stayed the better and more valuable they would become.

Halper’s initial way to interview was primarily an improvisational approach where he would have conversations and learn about the applicant’s experience and then describe the job and determine a match. These lead to him finding good people that he hired and felt really good about, but they did not work out more often than not.

He really could not figure out why – they were a good fit, and they said the job is what they wanted?

After looking at each failed staffing attempt, he began to realize there was often some sort of characteristic that person hired either had or did not have and this could have been are reason why they were not successful or did not stay. That is not a huge revelation, but what he started thinking was if he could improve his ability to look for the characteristics that would be ideal during the interview, then maybe he could improve how he selects to hire.

From here, he made a list of characteristics for what someone should have for each position that he looked to fill. For each characteristic, there should be around 1 to 2 questions asked to effectively identify how the applicant matches up.

Halper implemented this new approach and he immediately improved his ability to screen applicants. This led to him eliminating time and money on bad hires and the level of employee turnover immediately dropped.

As he continued to refine his use of this process, he realized that he could develop a piece of software that could be a database of characteristics with interview questions tied to each. With this concept, individuals that are looking to improve their ability to hire the right people could use this system and improve their operation the same way Halper did.

This is where InterviewScripter was born.