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8 Frequently asked Interview Questions

Here are eight frequently asked interview questions that you are sure to face in any interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.
This question is used to get the applicant talking about their life in general. It is a good question in that it is very broad and can usually uncover a lot of different pieces and types […]

Interview Questions to Ask

Having the right interview questions to ask will greatly improve your ability to hire the best available employee.

There are a few categories of questions that you will want to ask.

One of the most important areas for you to gather details on the candidate are if they have the right type of experience for the […]

Good Interview Questions to Ask

In order to be able to hire the right people, it is critical to have good interview questions to ask. We will give you some concepts and examples in this blog post to help with that.

Characteristics of Good Questions
Before we get to some examples of questions, let’s first outline some key characteristics of the […]