Here are 10 interviewing tips for someone in the interviewer role.

1. Make a list of desired attributes (skills, characteristics, and qualities)
Whether you prepare your interview questions ahead of time or not, you should at least prepare a list of attributes (skills, characteristics, and qualities) that you think the person should have in order to be successful in the role that you are looking to fill. In theory, the person you pick should be the person that matches up best against this list.

If you agree with that, in order to determine which applicant matches up the best, you should ask each interviewee a question or two for each attribute that you are looking for.

2. Read the interviewee’s resume before the interview
This might be one of the interviewing tips that is common sense, but I personally have been on a lot of interviews and I believe that the majority of people that interviewed me acted as though they had no knowledge of who I was and had not looked at my resume prior to the beginning of the interview.

Even if it is for a couple minutes just before the start of the interview, stop to scan the applicant’s resume. At a minimum, know what the applicant is currently doing in terms of work or what their most recent job was if they are not currently employed.

3. Get the interviewee talking
It can be easy to end up doing a lot of talking when you are interviewing somebody. You can end up talking about the job and the company and the next thing you know, you have done all of the talking.

This is not good as you need to learn about the applicant so that when you are trying to determine which applicant to hire, you will have more information to base your decision on. And the more the applicant talks, the more information you will have.

The best way to get the applicant talking is to keep asking a lot of questions and make sure you ask open-ended questions that the prospect cannot answer with yes, no, or one word.

4. Rate or rank each interviewee
One thing that we can do wrong when we interview is that we treat each interview independently and operate like you are trying to reach a decision of hire or don’t hire at the end of it. A better way to go with these interviewing tips is to operate that all of the interviews are part of the a group and the goal is to assess everything at the end after all interviews are completed.

The best way to do this is to rate or rank each interviewee on a numeric scale. You could get as granular as you would like and rate each interviewee in different categories or put a rating with each attribute that you are looking for.

This will allow you to have a picture of how the applicants match up compared to each other after you have completed all of the interviews. The other thing that this helps with is that you can often lean toward the more recent people that you interviewed.

5. Try to ask the same questions
You never know direction an interview will go and each conversation will be certainly be unique. But it is important to try to ask each interviewee the same questions, or at least try to probe into the same general areas.

This is one of the interviewing tips that provides you with the same type of information for each applicant and that will make it easier for you to see how they measure up against each other. Without doing this, you may have different information on each applicant and this can make it more difficult for you to determine which one is best.

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